The LRG Ltd. began to work as a spin-off company. The company was established by the professors of Széchenyi István University in 2000. Initially the main activities of the company were the followings: business advice, information and communication technology development and operation. In 2005 the person of manager changed, which caused the changing of business activities. The company has expanded the list of activities and the use of laser measuring instruments and production of LED lamps became the main profile. The company doesn’t operate as a LED assembly plant. The LRG Ltd.’s electrical engineering professionals are only responsible for the innovation, providing the company to come up with high-quality products on the market which is unique and cannot purchase from any other company. Because of the fact that the lamps are procuced in manufactory, series doesn’t mean thousands of products.




The technology of energy-saving light bulbs are expanded with new solutions. LED components operating without transformator operating from 230 V are available with costumised solutions. Nowadays the replacement of traditional luminaries are possible so that the consumption habits do not have to be changed with expensive marketing campaigns, now exists an indeed energy saving level which the majority of consumers can be brought on within a reasonable period of time. We designed and get unique aluminium heatsink produced and it not only means efficiency but creates also opportunities for the design.




LED manufactory is actually a ’knowledge guild’, where every employee give his best during the creation of products. It is very important to us to be informed in the lightening technology, anywhere in the world a new information appears, we evaluate and use it immediately. Like in a classic manufactory, our professionals mainly use their knowledge and experiences to form the unique luminary appropriated to Your needs. We make unique solutions for all requests which we assemble with hand from high-tech components and after the careful testing we put into operation. We provide a special waranty next to the product which can be converted according to personal needs.

We try to:

  • be in accordance with the old Hungarian manufactory „wright” reputation,
  • continue the long standing practicies,
  • create real value,
  • serve your quality of life.


Our mission


The staff of so called „ITOK” Research Team of Széchenyi István University developed unique, special LED luminary for optical measuring equipment which allowed precise and fault-tolerant camera data collection in factories. Meanwhile they created solutions what can be used instead of traditional light bulbs and flourescent tubes. A so called ’birth’ useful idea which hopefully can be associated with market demand. As our goal we wanted to create from few parts, easy manufactured, innovative products to show a high-quality alternative instead of the poor quality and functional product which are already on the market.